Pets on private jets: Flying FURst Class


Pets on Jets

superFLY believe all companions should enjoy the thrill of private air travel, and that of course includes the four-legged variety! Flying with your pets has never been easier or so enjoyable. FURstly the distress & trauma of pet travel is reduced as your precious cargo is with you in the cabin & flies without the stress of being separated from you. All pets are considered one of the SuperFly family and receive the same FURst class treatment & courtesy as you do

Small pets usually travel for free and we can even extend your catering & dietary requirements to include your pet’s favourite nosh!


Pet Airports, Jet Operators & Pet Documentation

Many airports & private jet operators now hold approval to operate flights with pets onboard. Travelling within the EU is relatively straight forward as pets need little more than to be microchipped, rabies vaccinated, hold a pet passport or equivalent, & have had tapeworm treatment (for dogs only). Further afield, different countries have different requirements and SuperFly will assist you with your pet documentation for the country you are flying to ensure a stress-free process.


Pet Arrivals & Departures

Owners & pets check in at the same terminal on arrival through a simplified clearance procedure. Provided your pet documentation is in order you can be on your way in a matter of minutes.


Pets in the air

The safety and welfare of you and your pet is our highest priority. Our pet Safety Guidelines cover everything from dealing with turbulence to keeping them calm and happy during the flight.

Depending on the type of aircraft (& the aircraft owner’s own stipulations) pets can enter the cabin with owners & sit next to them. They are allowed to move around in the cabin provided that the owner is in full control of them with a lead. Some aircraft owners do insist on some pets being in travel cages in the cabin but even in these situations, you can personally take them on board & have direct access to them during the flight.

@mrtatler's chihuahua Fabio on-board a SuperFly private charter to Nice, France #JetSetPooch

@mrtatler's chihuahua Fabio on-board a SuperFly private charter to Nice, France #JetSetPooch


How much does it cost to fly with pets?

Small pets often travel free! Contact us for your private jet flight with pets quotation. SuperFly will arrange a private jet or helicopter flight for you and your precious pets & your complimentary private concierge will take care of all additional conceivable arrangements.


Chartering a private jet flight with pets onboard

Many UK and Europeans airports are accepting of pets, they have a long way to go to catch up with US. In the states every terminal in every airport is required to have a pet relief area, and more have an additional et relief area airside. Bliss!

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