Private Jets and WiFI: Connecting to the Clouds


When used together the words ‘internet’ and ‘cloud’ usually have a different meaning. Not anymore.  Gone are the days when flying at 40,000 feet, or indeed any altitude, meant the ‘airplane mode’ setting on your smart phone was activated and you had to make do swiping through your photo gallery for the 100th time, re-reading old texts, and tinkering with old apps you’d forgotten you even had. In other words feeling disconnected!

Not being able to receive at least emails or text messages is a tedious and frustrating state for many of us. Although for some, a minority, this represents a welcome respite from modern technological pressures.


Internet Access on Private Jets

Thanks to major advancements in recent years we now fly in aircraft where on-board internet access is commonplace. Companies such as GoGo ensure our ability to continue our life’s familiar network and pace is literally at our fingertips. Business no longer gets suspended in time just because we’re in the clouds, a concept that’s becoming known as “in-flight productivity.”, or as most would call it, staying connected!

In-flight connectivity has become a 'must have'

In-flight connectivity has become a 'must have'

The same wireless router technology that allows you to use WiFi at home or Starbucks is used on aircraft: your device searches for and detects the hotspot and you can click connect to it.

Like most broadband routers at home, you can choose to enable your device to access information shared through WiFi or connect via a physical data port. Many aircraft these days also have data port connections so you can plug in your laptop from your seat.


Avoiding excessive data charges

Private jet internet

Private jet internet

It’s just as easy to accrue large data charges using aircraft WiFi as it is if you’re roaming on your mobile phone in a foreign country. The principles for avoiding excessive charges are the same in both instances.

Here are 3 simple tips you can use to avoid the common WiFi mistakes that could cost you hundreds, or even thousands, whilst enhancing your in-flight experience with hardly any effort at all:

  1. Check your device’s settings prior to departure and disable app, system and program updates and automatic syncing.

  2. Ask your flight crew for the aircraft’s WiFi rate sheet and be aware of charges per megabyte of data

  3. Download any files, games, music and movie files ahead of time to avoid streaming any media or large download activities


How to get WiFi on your private jet

If you’ll be needing on-board WiFi on your private jet then when requesting a charter quote make sure you mention this in the additional comments section. Charges for airplane WiFi and internet access vary between different aircraft and operators and we’ll be happy to advise you of these charges beforehand.

Alternatively phone our charter desk on ✆UK+44 (0)208 242 4992  or ✆ US +1 818 646 8070 (click here for other overseas offices) and we’ll take care of the rest.