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Share Dividends 2018

Sam Farshian - Founder & Co-director, superFLY Aviation

Sam Farshian - Founder & Co-director, superFLY Aviation


Dear Investor

Since the start of superFLY it was always our intention to reward our shareholders with dividends within 3 years of launching and today I’m proud to confirm this will happen.

As you can see from the press clippings above we’re starting to make our mark in the aviation world and I can confidently say this is just the beginning. We have some amazing plans and projects in play right now to ensure superFLY becomes a world class sustainable business. You have my word on that!

So thank you once again for not only believing in our vision but for also helping us create it. We look forward to another year of creating wealth, jobs, and being of service to others.

Warm regards

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Sam Farshian

What’s the deal?

Companies are not required to pay any dividends at all, but (the better ones) may choose to give portions of their earnings back to shareholders. superFLY plans to pay our shareholders dividends directly into your bank account every 6 months starting December 2018.

The exact amount of dividend will be determined by the company’s finances and cash flow at each period. View current corporate accounts filed at Companies House here. Our next corporate accounts (2017-2018) will be filed earlier than required in November.

Of course we’ll make a formal announcement to you prior to each dividend payment but to give you an idea of some of the UK’s best known companies current yearly dividends yields see below:

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) - 4.99%

WH Smith - 3.2%

AA - 1.7%

Ocado - 0%

How to get paid

In order for us to process your payments please click the ‘Pay Me Dividends’ button below and update your contact details and nominate a bank account to receive your dividends. All your information is handled with our strict data protection and privacy policy available here