We're giving you money!

We're paying our investors dividends ahead of schedule in 2018 and there also will be an upcoming share buyback offer made to you in 2019. And if that wasn't enough we're giving you the opportunity to fly private for £199 return. Call it summer madness!



Corporate Accounts and Dividends

We're now closed to new investors and SuperFLY will start paying investors dividends starting Q4 this year, 2018. 

View corporate accounts filed at Companies House here.

Contact invest@superflyjets.com if you haven't received your tax-relief payments and we will post you duplicate paperwork to send to the HMRC within a few days.



superFLY in the News

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No queuing, No Waiting.... VIP all the way!

No queuing, No Waiting.... VIP all the way!

Incredible Private Jet Deals

Globally we've got over 300 empty legs deals waiting to be snapped up and you can search here to find one that suits you. Here's a list of this superFLY's best summer private jet empty leg deals flying out of London with single seat purchase availability:

  • London to Paris - £279 per person
  • London to Venice - £399 per person
  • London to Porto £399 per person
  • London to Malaga - £465 per person
  • London to Leeds (return) - £199 per person
  • London to Sardinia - £389 per person
  • London to Palma - £399
  • London to Canary Islands - £499

To enquire about these and hundreds of other flights email fly@superflyjets.com